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Marlen Esparza
Pati wins first title in his 13 year career

Pati wins first title in his 13 year career

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Heather Hardy After Winning The UBF Title

Heather Hardy Wins the UBF Junior Featherweight Championship

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Shelito Vincent VS. Jackie Trivilino

Vincent to defend UBF title against Ruiz

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Nailini Helu - UBF Asia Pacific Women’s Heavyweight Champion

Nailini Helu Wins the First of Major Titles

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Sugar Shane Mosley

Sugar Shane Mosley in town for big UBF Boxing weekend

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Alrie Meleisea winning the New Zealand National (NZPBA Version) and UBF Asia Pacific Female Heavyweight Titles

Repeat on Women’s Heavyweight Bout

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VELJKO SAPONJA vs Anzor Gamgebeli

Veljko Saponja vs Anzor Gamgebeli

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Ilyas Can Kali wins UBF European Welterweight title


Nelson Shuts Out Turunen, Regains UBF Title

Jose Alfredo Rodriguez

Jerwin Ancajas to defend title vs. Jose Alfredo Rodriguez on Jan. 29

Dimar Ortuz vs Robert Hall Jr

Dimar Ortuz vs Robert Hall Jr