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LAVAL, QC, Feb. 7, 2023 /CNW Telbec/ – Madeleine Therrien, a resident of Chartwell Les Écores in Laval, experienced a wish of a lifetime today when the former world champion boxer, Lucian Bute, came to visit her at her retirement home. Thanks to The Chartwell Foundation, whose mission is to make the dreams of seniors come true, she was able to meet her idol and someone she has deeply admired for many years.

Madeleine enjoyed an exclusive meet-and-greet with the retired boxer, getting a glimpse into his world. They even found common ground through their love of younger generations. They both enjoyed tea and cupcakes, and chatted about a variety of topics, including Madeleine’s life in her Laval retirement residence.

An intergenerational passion

Madeleine and Lucian Bute both share an unconditional love of boxing, he in the ring and her as a spectator. Aged 84, Madeleine has been a fan of boxing since she was very young and has seen most of the fights of her idol, now inducted into the Quebecsports hall of fame. “Mr. Bute is portrayed as a very generous and sensitive person, and by accepting the invitation to come and meet me today, he’s proven it once again,” said Madeleine. “He could spend his time doing so many other things, but he always makes time for people from other generations,” she added.

Beyond the prowess of the boxer, whose accomplishments Madeleine knows well, it is the time he devotes to initiatives for young people that she admires the most. The famous athlete engages with them to encourage physical activity, perseverance, and discipline.

Time goes by, but not dreams

Madeleine is described as a kindhearted, grateful person who loves everyone and is appreciated by all. She has experienced her share of trials in life, from illness to bereavement, but has never let herself feel disheartened and has always held on to her dream. She carefully displays an autographed photo of the boxer in her apartment like a lucky charm, and she will be able to add to her collection of memorabilia as Lucian gifted her a pair of signed boxing gloves during his visit.

“Making the dream come true for such a caring person who wants to fulfill her passion was a truly gratifying experience,” commented Sandra Collin, Chartwell Les Écores Retirement Living Consultant and wish submitter. “It’s never too late to pursue our most significant dreams, and today, thanks to The Chartwell Foundation, Madeleine saw her wish come true.” Just as Lucian Bute fulfilled his dream of becoming boxing world champion, Madeleine fulfilled hers of sharing a moment with him.

About The Chartwell Foundation

The Chartwell Foundation builds on a five-year partnership between Chartwell Retirement Residences and the former charity Wish of a Lifetime Canada that granted the wishes of Canadian seniors from 2015 to 2020. In 2020, The Chartwell Foundation was established as a national charity to carry on helping seniors continue to live a life of purpose, connectedness, and engagement through wish granting. 

Any Canadian senior can apply to have their wish granted, not only those who live in senior housing or at a Chartwell residence. To read more about the inspiring wishes granted through the foundation, to submit a wish, nominate a senior or donate, please visit

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